The Academy Award nominations were announced on Tuesday (by the charming duo of Riz Ahmed and Allison Williams - anyone want to write them a romcom?) and we're thrilled that two #SessionsFamily projects picked up a suitcase of nominations. Everything Everywhere All At Once led the prestigious pack with 11 nominations and The Fabelmans was honored with seven nominations. 

Since EEAAO debuted at last year's SXSW Film Festival, the hype was off the charts. Everyone praised the tremendous acting, from iconic Michelle Yeoh finally getting the leading role that showcased all of her many talents, to reviving the career of former child actor Ke Huy Quan, to breakout talent Stephanie Hsu who had already endeared herself to fans of Nora is Awkwafina from Queens (hi Shu Shu!), to once again proving the resilience of Hollywood journeyman James Hong.

But it wasn't just the acting that had everyone discussing the film as an instant classic. The story of an overlooked, overworked immigrant mother, daughter and wife resonated across cultures. The film truly meant everything to everyone all at once (which we wrote about here), and quickly became the highest rated film on Letterboxd, surpassing Academy Award winner Parasite. 

EEAAO has established itself as a masterpice, and we think that the other multi-nominated #SessionsFamily film will join its ranks. Steven Spielberg's The Fabelmans received 7 nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director. Spielberg pours his heart out onto the screen with this touching film. The semi-autobiographical tale of a splintered family and a young man finding salvation through the magic of moviemaking is vintage Spielberg. Reuniting with cinematographer Janusz Kaminski and luring legendary John Williams out of retirement yet again to create the stirring soundtrack, Spielberg remains at the top of his game and shows why he's still the GOAT. We dare you to find a better final shot of a film this year. 

Both of these films are passion projects that also depict passion; they ooze humanity and empathy, proving that the best stories are those told from the heart. 

The winners of the 95th Academy Awards will be announced live on Sunday, March 12 on ABC.