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36 Years. Over 2000 Extras Only™ payroll projects and counting.

History of Sessions.

1979. Sessions Payroll Management started with a two person office in Hollywood. From the beginning, our focus was background talent. First it was the musicians that bring the motion picture soundtrack to life. Next was extras production payroll with our first network television program in 1992. Over the next decade, Sessions added major studio projects to our cable and television client list. More recently, we gained a foothold in the growing online streaming programming space. We’re almost forty and looking pretty good.

1979 First Office
First Office
Sessions Opens. It all began in Hollywood with a two person office in the Technicolor building. We are glad to see that the Gnomon School , a college teaching special effects, ended up in our old space.
1979 First Movie
First Movie
“10” starring Dudley Moore and Bo Derek launched both their careers and ours. We handled the music payroll, which brought Ravel’s Bolero to a new generation.
1981 MTV Launches
MTV Launches
We started with music. Sessions began with music payroll right along with the birth of the MTV Generation. The Who, Bruce Springsteen, and The Eagles were some of our first clients.
1986 First HBO Project
First HBO Project
HBO. For nearly 30 years, Sessions has worked with HBO on their groundbreaking programming. Some of our recent HBO  are Ballers, True Blood and Big Love.
1989 First Decade
First Decade
1989 was a big year. The World Wide Web was invented; the Berlin Wall came down and....the first episode of Seinfeld aired. It was our first decade in business and more change was coming our way.
1992 First TV Show
First TV Show
Baywatch. We were back on the beach with the Baywatch team, this time on network television with NBC. Over the next couple of decades, Sessions went on to work with the big three on some of their keystone projects.
1997 RealPay
Framework Solutions RealPay custom extra's payroll solution for efficient pre-processing of large-scale payroll batches. Greater volume, scalable payroll and automated accuracy.
1998 New Offices
New Offices
Sessions moves to Burbank. Neighbors to the Cartoon Network and a burgeoning media center and retail complex, Sessions settles in to their current home base.
1998 First Website
First Website
Sessions enters the websphere Web developers still wished for bandwidth for streaming television online, but it was a distant dream. Sessions was poised to leverage the developing websphere.
1999 20 Years
20 Years
We partied like it was 1999. The human population of the world surpassed six billion and we were deep in the information age. Sessions was growing too with a web-based suite of services.
2002 .Net Upgrade
.Net Upgrade
Sessions software partner Framework Solutions develops a browser based .NET upgrade that includes a new custom invoice workflow for Sessions' entertainment payroll operation. Even faster turn-around for clients is implemented.
2005 Custom Reports.
Custom Reports.
Downloads. A browser based reporting solution to deliver custom reports in either PDF or Excel format is introduced. Production accountants and line producers have data delivered their way.
2007 PLS Deployment
PLS Deployment
Data Integration. PSL and other entertainment industry package download introduced. With data integration and downloads available over the Internet, near real-time access to key payroll data is available to Sessions clients.
2007 First iPhone
First iPhone
Apple Boom The Blackberry-loyal entertainment industry reacted enthusiastically to Apple’s smartphone cross platform media potential.  Sessions browser based technology made the two a perfect fit.
2009 30 Years
30 Years
Yes we can! Barack Obama inaugurated as 44th President of the United States. In a volatile world marketplace, Sessions stays the course with a loyal staff and state-of-the-art production payroll technology.
2010 First 3000 Projects
First 3000 Projects
Tremendous Growth And gaining on 4000 pretty quickly. Sessions now has an production payroll database of over 50,000 background and extra talent.
2013 First Netflix Project
First Netflix Project
Streaming Sessions adds online streaming entertainment to our portfolio. Netflix' Lady Dynamite is one of our newest streaming projects.
2019 40 Years
40 Years
Anniversary. Our first forty is just around the corner. Always ready to adapt to changes in the industry and technology, one thing that never changes with Sessions is exemplary customer service and dependability. See you at our anniversary party in 2019.

Company Biographies

James Knight, CEO

In 1979, Jim was utilizing his Juris Doctor in Law by working with musicians as a union representative in Hollywood when he realized a need in the marketplace to payroll studio musicians. He founded Sessions Payroll and over the next three decades, directed the growth and diversification of the payroll business into broadcast, film and streaming categories.

email: jim@sessionspayroll.com

Nairi, COO

Nairi started with Sessions in 2001 as a personal paymaster. She was instrumental in the deployment of multiple software initiatives and upgrades as well as development of department procedures. In 2012, Nairi returned to Sessions headquarters from the eastern region and was promoted to Chief Operations Officer. She oversees all payroll and customer service policy implementation.

email: nairi@sessionspayroll.com

Katie, Operations - Eastern Region

Katie joined Sessions in 1999 as a personal paymaster and quickly earned a payroll department lead role. Katie is  integral to client relations and payroll department operations as well as being the eastern regional contact to film and production offices. She has an extensive, loyal client roster who return to her year after year with their new projects. Katie is available to answer any quote requests.

email: katie@sessionspayroll.com

Framework Solutions Inc.

Framework Solutions is a developer of custom software, databases and fully integrated websites. Since 1997, the Framework team has been integral in developing and implementing Sessions’ state-of-the-art proprietary payroll system. Framework consultants ensure that data integration and customization requests are fulfilled by providing an on-site, accessible representative.

email: info@fwsi.net

D&M Risk Management

D&M Risk Management is Sessions' Workers' Compensation Risk Management consultancy who aggressively but fairly investigates each claim, arranges approved medical treatment and represents its clients in completing and closing cases so its employees can resume work as soon as possible. Sessions OSHA approved safety manual was developed by D&M, who is a widely recognized expert in their field.



Regions and Locations

Headquarters and Western Region

Headquarters and Western Region

Burbank, California 91502
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North-Midwest Region

North-Midwest Region

Portland, Oregon 97230
Seattle, Washington 98112
Southern Region

Southern Region

Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Miami, Florida 33125
Eastern Region

Eastern Region

New York, New York 10007
Asheville, North Carolina 28806
Regions and Locations