Has there ever been a movie like Everything Everywhere All At Once?

Since its South by Southwest premiere, EEAAO has been a phenomenon. Currently poised to become A24's highest grossing film, the Michelle Yeoh-starring film has also been accumulating rave reviews, quickly catapulting it to the top of Letterboxd's rankings, a feat previously only accomplished by Oscar-winner Parasite and a little movie called The Godfather.

The frequently hilarious and moving reactions from audience members on Twitter alone have been entertaining, as recapped by Pedestrian

This tweet captures the cumulative reactions perfectly. 

As evidenced above, even more than its box office haul and critical adoration, Everything Everywhere All At Once has become a touchstone for, well, everyone. For immigrants, for Asian Americans, for middle-aged women, for couples struggling in their relationship, for the LGBTQ+ community, for fathers and daughters, mothers and daughters, for people dealing with the IRS! Yes, it's A LOT and that's the point. Life is a lot. But nothing that we can't handle with a little help from our loved ones. 

Filmmakers Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert aka "Daniels" took the indie world by storm with their Swiss Army Man (another Sessions project), but hit another level with EEAAO. EEAAO will inspire a new generation of filmmakers who are unafraid to tell their stories, in the most unorthodox manner possible, even (and especially) if it involves hot dog fingers. 

You'll just have to watch EEAAO to see what we mean.

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