At Sessions Production Payroll, we’ve seen a lot of changes throughout our 43 years servicing the entertainment industry. From studios merging and closing, to A-list movie stars alongside TikTok stars, to the revolution of the streaming industry, Sessions has pivoted alongside the entertainment industry.

We’ve been so fortunate to work with the most game-changing companies like HBO, who have transformed prestige TV and set the standard for groundbreaking storytelling, to videogame giants like Blizzard, and our longstanding relationship with Netflix, who needs no words to describe their impact. While many changes in the industry have been predicted by experts and insiders, no one foresaw a global pandemic shutting the industry down and dramatically altering the way that business is done.

We are grateful to have survived all of these changes, to embrace all of the opportunities and adjust to all of the challenges. This year, the new year will continue to bring new protocols thanks to COVID-19, and new shows and films will continue to reflect our zeitgeist in creative and exciting ways. It also brings us our new Sessions Production Payroll website, which we are proud to share with all of you.

Our new website showcases all of the incredible projects that we are proud to work with, and provide ease-of-use for our clients to navigate. Our 43-year (and counting!) journey has been documented on our About page. And if you need any help with your extras payroll, you can Contact Us here. We’ll also be sharing new offerings on our blog so you can stay updated on how Sessions can help you.

Most of all, while our website has gotten a nice facelift, our Sessions Production Payroll ethos remains the same - we continue to bring our independent, responsive, client-first service to our Sessions Family and we will continue to do so for the next generation of innovators.

Enjoy your time on our website and contact us if you need any assistance with your extras production payroll. On with the show!