We at Sessions Production Payroll have much to be grateful for this coming Thanksgiving. We are especially grateful to recently welcome CBS’s The Equalizer to the #SessionsFamily. CBS's number one rated drama is an exciting addition, mostly because it allows us to continue to fan over the incomparable Queen Latifah. 

Along with The Equalizer, the One Chicago powerhouse family of Chicago Med, Chicago PD and Chicago Fire are the number one rated shows for NBC, bringing four of the top ten highest rated non-sports network shows to the #SessionsFamily. 

Not to be outdone, the #1 highest rated cable network show, Paramount Network's Yellowstone which just aired its season 5 premiere last Sunday, is also a new and thrilling addition to the #SessionsFamily. 

Along with Netflix's former #1 rated original show Dahmer, Manifest was also the most watched show on Netflix this past week, giving #SessionsFamily shows back-to-back #1 rankings on the streaming giant.

Ratings aren’t everything but sometimes it’s nice to shout “we’re number 1!” over and over again. 

Congratulations to The Equalizer, One Chicago, Yellowstone, Dahmer and Manifest teams on their success!

The Equalizer season 3 is now airing on CBS on Sundays at 8pm and streaming on Paramount+; One Chicago continues to dominate NBC's Wednesday nights, beginning at 8pm; Season 5 of Yellowstone premiered Sunday, and will continue to air new episodes on Paramount Network every Sunday at 8 pm; both Dahmer and the final season of Manifest are available to stream on Netflix.