At Sessions, we have the privilege of working with the best and brightest in the entertainment industry. After 40 plus years in business, we've accumulated a lot of friends (and maybe some frenemies too). Extras! Management is one such company we've enjoyed working with throughout the years. Get to know Extras! Management and what exactly they do.

Established in 1985, Extras! Management is the longest running and most established listing service in the entertainment industry. Extras! Management was created by industry professionals to help actors find work in a more efficient manner. Casting directors appreciate Extras! Management for their comprehensive booking software, which allows Extras' booking agents to do extensive searches to make it as convenient as possible for casting to find reliable background actors the days they are needed.

The combination of Extras! Management's software technology with their extensive knowledge of the casting industry means they are one of the most accurate and reliable background booking services and save casting directors time by not having to sift through thousands of inaccurate self-submissions. 

We spoke to Extras! Management's Jessie Crissman about what she does and the joys of being a booking agent.

What got you into extras casting?

Crissman: My brother worked at a local casting company taking photos of background actors. I got to know a little bit about it and then applied as the flier person, where I would pass out fliers to background who were signing up at casting agencies. Shortly after, I moved up to the registration team, eventually ending up as a booking agent!

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Crissman: I would have to say that getting to hear about how excited background actors are when they get to work on exciting projects is one of my favorite things. When I have the time, I love hearing what their roles are on some of the bigger or well-known projects (especially if they are featured). It also wasn’t until I started working as a booking agent that I realized how important extras are in making a project come to life. The small details, even in the back of scenes, really contribute to what the director is trying to achieve. I think about it any time I watch anything now!

What is a recent project your company helped with that you enjoyed?

Crissman: Oh boy! That’s a tough one. We worked so hard this past year in assisting booking the Lakers Project [HBO's Winning Time]. I just finished watching it and absolutely loved it. And although it isn’t out yet, I keep seeing posts & photos everywhere about the movie Barbie, which we helped book so I am very excited to see if any of our background actors are featured in it.

How can someone break into becoming an extra?

Crissman: Registering at a booking service like Extras Management is a great first step. Rather than just blank self-submitting through job forums that don’t actually fit the description, E!M manages BG’s availability and accurately submits them to credible casting directors to help get their headshot out on as many submissions as they show available for. Casting directors assume that if background actors are registered with a service, then they are more serious about getting booked.

Thanks to Extras! Management for their time. Visit their website if you're interested in working with Extras! Management.