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Three Top FAQs

Why Sessions Payroll?

Since 1979, Sessions Payroll has specialized in Extras-only™ payroll for film, cable and television productions. We are a trusted vendor for the majors as well as a partner to independents. Our scalable, responsive Extras Only Payroll Software ensures speed, compliance and accessibility. That's why when it comes to your extras payroll, Sessions is the only choice.

How can I get the best rate?

We believe in offering the most competitive rate possible without compromising quality of service or regulatory compliance. We aggressively monitor the industry to determine market rate and conditions.

How can I get a quote?

There are a few ways to get a quote. Please call Nairi at 800.841.5202, extension 219, Katie at 800.841.5202, extension 216 or click here to submit a quote request via email. The information we request, such as an estimate of extras on the project, the studio your production is affiliated with and various contact information is so that we may give you the best rate and respond to you as quickly as possible.

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Does Sessions require a deposit?

No. Due to our payroll volume and company stability, Sessions’ does not require a deposit before beginning your project.

How can I set-up an account with Sessions?

It's simple. Contact us at 818.841.5202 or 800.957.4644 and ask to speak to either Nairi or Katie.

Can I choose the account manager I want to work with?

Yes. With Sessions, one Personal Paymaster will manage your account from quote to post. And with our paymasters averaging 8 years each with Sessions, most likely your paymaster will be there for your next project.

Do you provide vouchers?

Yes. Sessions vouchers are available to all of our clients at no extra charge. Please call our front desk at 800.957.6466 to place your order (or ask you Personal Paymaster via phone or email).

How should I send my vouchers?

Vouchers may be dropped off during our office business hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We also accept deliveries via major carriers such as Fed Ex, UPS, DHL and USPS.

We will also accept secure scans including I-9s with the mandatory rule that they are the originals hard copies follow via mail or shipment.

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Where do I send my vouchers?

Sessions Payroll Management, Inc. 303 North Glenoaks Blvd., Suite 910 Burbank, CA 91502

As a Production Accountant, what should I tell background talent about the status of their checks?

Please refer all background talent to Sessions Payroll at 818.841.5202 or 800.957.4644 and ask for Lala.

How can background talent (“extras”) understand the deductions on their check?

While the IRS and state agencies preclude Sessions Payroll and their clients from providing tax advice to background talent, we are happy to direct check holders to the IRS website and their helpful tutorial about deductions.

Who does background talent (“extras”) speak with about status, changes or corrections to their check?

Background talent (extras, stand-ins) can call the front desk and speak with Lala at (800) 957-4644 or (818) 841-5202 ext 210. She will research their check history and confirm their address.

Lala also handles stop payments, reissues, address corrections, and payment corrections.

When can background talent expect their checks?

For union performers, checks are in accordance with union due dates by the Thursday of the following the week worked.

Non-union performers can usually expect their checks mailed within two weeks from the date they worked.

I am a background performer that was paid by Sessions. Should I call the production company to discuss my W2?

No. The production company does not have access to your private compensation history. Please contact Lala at our front desk by calling 800) 957-4644 or (818) 841-5202 extension 210.

When will performers receive their W2?

You should receive a Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, from each of your employers.

How can performers retrieve a current or old W2?

Background talent (extras, stand-ins) can call the front desk and speak with Lala at (800) 957-4644 or (818) 841-5202 extension 210.

Does Sessions work with New York and California Paid Leave regulation?

Yes. We have already authored California Paid Family Leave compliance modules for several large production companies and broadcasters in California. We also handle New York Paid Family Leave Act compliance.

Is Sessions set-up to handle e-verify?

Yes. With over 50,000 pre-screened talent profiles in our system, Sessions is generally e-verify compliant prior to commencement of payroll on your production. Our close partnerships with extras Casting Directors ensure rapid e-verification for any new talent on your projects before they appear on-set.

How does Sessions’ handle set safety and Workers Compensation claims?

Sessions supplies each production with an OSHA approved Safety Manual. Sessions' Workers' Compensation expert, D&M Risk Management, aggressively but fairly investigates each claim, arranges approved medical treatment and represents its’ clients in completing and closing cases so employees can resume work as soon as possible.

Is Sessions PSL3 compliant?

Yes. Sessions Payroll’s powerful web interface gives clients flexibility in obtaining on-demand payroll information. Automated, customizable reports are readily available in a secure, fast and intuitive web interface, including PSL3.

How can a Production Accountant obtain customized spreadsheet for tax rebates and incentives?

We are happy to provide a custom excel spreadsheet for them that is encrypted for confidentiality. Please email Nairi at nairi@sessionspayroll.com and/or Katie at katie@sessionspayroll.com to receive your customized reports.

Does Sessions payroll system interface with other systems?

Yes. By providing your file specification, our team of experts will create a custom reporting mechanism to suit your needs.

How do I login into Sessions web-based system to retrieve my account information?

We ask production accountants to email our data analysts their relevant G/L and show information. Our analysts work to setup the customized interface and login procedure. Once the interface is setup, an authorized production accountant can login to select an invoice, save it, then upload it to their PSL3 or other compatible financial package.

How do Production Accountants obtain the excel spreadsheets and reports for tax rebates/incentives?

Please email Nairi (nairi@sessionspayroll.com) or Katie (katie@sessionspayroll.com) and they will be happy to provide a custom excel spreadsheet that is encrypted for confidentiality.